Dungeon Crawl Classics #66: The Vampire’s Vengeance – PDF


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A Level 6-7 Adventure.

Some old ladies bake cookies. Others plot the destruction of the town that exiled them. Elziba Caulwik is the latter. The Vampire’s Vengeance is a story in four parts as a simple treasure-hunt uncovers evidence of Elziba’s scheme. Before the heroes can mete out justice to the crone of Tanglethorn Manor, they’ll have to rescue their kin from a burning guard tower, assault a stronghold of marsh-bound freaks, and navigate the sewers of their dying city. Heroes should be warned: old Elizba is not the mere crazed botanist she once was. Her pawns are many, her fangs are sharp, and her thirst for vengeance is not easily thwarted!

Rules Set: 4E

Writer: Adrian Pommier
Cover Art: Jeremy McHugh
Interior Art: Doug Kovacs
Cartography: Ed Bourelle