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A post-apocalyptic Americana zine for DCC RPG. Contains three new character classes, a new patron, and monsters of the Dustbowl.

This is a post-apocalyptic Americana zine for Dungeon Crawl Classics. You are a carnie indentured to the mysterious being known as The Madame. In exchange for wondrous powers and “a more perfect self,” The Madame calls upon you to procure magnificent artifacts as you crisscross the dusty and dangerous remains of a once robust and proud land. Cannibal hobos, shadowy cults, and uncouth hecklers will do everything in their power to prevent your caravan from carrying out its mission.

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Published by: Starry Wisdom Press

Written by: Joey Macrino, Tim Deschene
Art by: Stefan Poag, Carmin Vance, David Hoskins, Acid Lich, Marisa Bruno, Matt Hildebrand
Additional Contributors: Michael Curtis, Chris Dodd

softcover + PDF format

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