Mutant Mayhem Minis – Angry Russ, Cult of ZihA Lieutenant


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A 28mm pewter figurine perfect for Mutant Crawl Classics RPG.

This high-quality figurine is cast in lead-free pewter. It is supplied unpainted, and some assembly is required. Model comes in a blister pack as one piece with a separate base.

Angry Russ is a Zih’nn -an iguana manimal- with the mutation of a spikey turtle shell. Resembling one of the Zih’nn lesser deities, the excited Zih’nns decided to paint him brown to enhance the resemblance. The paint irritates Russ’s skin and now he is angry. Angry Russ.

The Mutant Mayhem Minis line of figures was designed for Mutant Crawl Classics RPG, but also go great with DCC or any game that uses 28mm minis. Gig Anne will be featured in an upcoming adventure module.

Male Iguana Manimal.

Sculptor: Andrew K. Barlow