Dark Tower

Escape from the Demon Inn


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A 3rd level adventure for Dungeon Crawl Classics!

Shapeshifting menaces and other horrors await in this exciting adventure through the bowels of this horrible beast!

Now that you have been tricked into entering, can you escape from the heart of this nightmare creature? To win free, you must also outwit its servitors and deadly spawn. Inside will you encounter creepy children, escape your terrifying clones, discover the secret of the Inn Keeper, brave the horror of the pantry, battle an ottoman, or perhaps stab the monster’s throbbing heart? Will you be devoured? Or will you Escape from the Demon Inn!

Publisher: Vance Games

Written by: Daniel Vance
Art by: Carmin Vance, Nate Marcel, Kevin Vecchi, Fionnula Willman, Daniel Vance, and Tino

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