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This is The Gongfarmer’s Almanac 2020 compiled zine for DCC RPG!


The Gongfarmer’s Almanac (GFA) is a Dungeon Crawl Classics zine that is written, illustrated, edited, and produced by the GFA Community. This publication is offered at print cost. This includes volumes 1-16 in full. This is a massive volume, totaling 792 pages, and comes with a dust jacket on the book.

What’s in this volume? Even more than last year!

Volume 1: DCC Adventure Time #1

  • Blood Diamonds of the Chaos Cult (Level 0)
  • The Second Time Around (Level 0)
  • Honi Soit Baba (Level 1)

Volume 2: DCC Adventure Time #2

  • 7 Beauties (Shudder Mountains Level 1)
  • Dead Dragon Peak (Level 1)
  • Hoard of the Metal Goddess (Level 1)

Volume 3: DCC Adventure Time #3

  • Loose Change (Level 1)
  • Down The Rabbit Hole (Level 1)

Volume 4: DCC Adventure Time #4

  • Descent Into The Underhive (Level 1)
  • Contemplation of the Dust (Level 1)
  • Shrine of Noctys (Level 1)
  • Noctys (Patron)

Volume 5: DCC Adventure Time #5

  • The Inn in the Forest (Level 1-2)
  • Beyond the Diamond Veil (Level 2)
  • Get Off Ye Wrasses (Level 3-4)

Volume 6: DCC Adventure Time #6

  • B Mine (Level 4-6)

Volume 7: Character Classes

  • Human
  • Peasant
  • The Fowl Summoner
  • Martial Grandmaster
  • Tarantino Elf
  • The Hive Master
  • Barbearian

Volume 8: Character Class – Styles & Rules

  • Creating Non-Level 0 Characters
  • Adding Character to Your Class
  • The Training Montage
  • A Little Bit of Magic for Everyone Else
  • Runelords in DCC
  • Patron Bond Vision Quest Rules

Volume 9: Axes, Beasts, and Collections

  • Weapons With Which to Drive Thine Enemies
  • Another Man’s Trash
  • Monstrous Encounters
  • Animal-Men Generator
  • Farmyard Familiars: A New Option for Finding Familiars

Volume 10: NPCs, Hamlets, Towers, and Babies?!

  • Poonchucker Dan: King of the Hooks
  • Tower of the Manticore
  • Hamlet Happenstances
  • Character Occupations for Skill Checks: A Primer at Level 1
  • Diaper Crawl Classics

Volume 11: Dark Trails – Yee-haw! #1

  • Going to the Crossroads
  • Cornstalk Boogeyman (Level 1)
  • Uncle Silas (Level 1)
  • Dark Trails Character Sheet

Volume 12: Dark Trails – Yee-haw! #2

  • Cough Drops
  • Into the Forest Primeval (Level 1)
  • Armillamycetes, The Mycelial Master (Patron)

Volume 13: MCC – Cataclysm Adventures

  • Moremen: The Mutants with More
  • Moremen, More Problems (Level 1-3)
  • Dead Man’s Hand (Level 2)
  • Spaced Out (Level 2)

Volume 14: MCC – Mutants & Machines

  • Scholar (Character Class)
  • Mastermind (Character Class)
  • Insectaur (Character Class)
  • Geologian (Character Class)
  • MCC: Items Found in the Dwellings of the Ancients
  • Datum of the Computarchs
  • Wetware of the Rock Gods

Volume 15-16: 2020 Master ‘Zine Index

  • DCC RPG Master ‘Zine Index

As always, the DCC Zine Index has been updated for 2020! Now 6 years in the making, and featuring nearly 1,500 new entries, the 2020 DCC Master Zine Index fills up the entirety of volumes 15 and 16! Looking for new monsters? Looking for a new Patron? The DCC Master Zine Index has got you covered!

The Gongfarmer’s Almanac (GFA) is a Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG zine that is written, illustrated, edited, and produced by the GFA Community.

For additional GFA information, go to www.gongfarmersalmanc.com.

All published content belongs to its respective artist or author. If you would like to include, copy, or use a derivative of any published content, please contact the original creator.

Published By: The Gongfarmer’s Almanac Community

Creative Vision & Management: Editors & Proofreaders: Karim Glue, Michael Harrington, Jon Hershberger, Jeff Scifert, Shyloh Wideman, and Clayton Williams
Cover Art: Doug Kovacs
Title Page Art: Marc Radle
Layout Artists: William Fisher, Jon Hershberger, Davin Kluttz, Dan Steeby, Stefan Surratt, Shyloh Wideman, Clayton Williams, Jon Wilson, and Dieter Zimmerman
Editors & Proofreaders:
bygrinstow, Bob Brinkman, Jen Brinkman, Tim Deschene, Klint Finley, William Fischer, Cory Gahsman, Michael Harrington, Tony Hogard, David Koslow, Shane Liebling, Luke Martinez, Cullen McDonald, Todd McFarland, Jason Morgan, Keith Nelson, Robert Nelson, John Replogle, Marcie Riebe, Jeff Scifert, Ian Zebarah Shears, Tim Snider, Dan Steeby, Shyloh Wideman, Ann Wycoff, Judge Yossarian, and Dieter Zimmerman
Authors: Brent Allan, Randy Andrews, David Baity, Erica Barlow, Jason Basile, Daniel J. Bishop, Benjamin Boro, bygrinstow, Matthew Carr, Ariel Churi, Christian Cotten-Dixon, Hector Cruz, SGT Dave, Sean Duffy, William Fischer, Cory “DM Cojo” Gahsman, Karim Glue, Kevin Heuer, Michael Jones, Ed Kabara, Bjorn Nelson, Keith Nelson, Christian Ovsenik, Ari-Matti Piippo, James A. Pozenel Jr., A.R.R. Purcell, Duamn Figueroa Rassol, Matt Rayburn, Stan Reed, Brian Saliba, Ian Zebarah Shears, Ryan Smith, Tim Snider, Jeremiah Edward Sprague, Stefan Surratt, Mihailo Tešić, R.S. Tilton, Matthew Towle, Marlene “HitMore” Whitmer, Shyloh Wideman, Clayton Williams, The Neon Space Wizard, Ann Wycoff, and Dieter Zimmerman
Illustrators & Cartographers: Boson Au, Andrew Barlow, Michael Barous, Shawn Brewer, Jonathan Byrne, SGT Dave, Samuel Dillon, Karim Glue, Lucas Haley, Cheese Hasselberger, Bobby Jackson, Chris Jeffers, Doug Kovacs, Bart Kucharski, Christian Ovsenik, Benjamin Marra, Brad McDevitt, Colin Mills, Max Moon, Joel R. Phillips, Lester B. Portly, Marc Radle, Duamn Figueroa Rassol, Matt Robertson, Miguel Rodrigues, Aaron Siddall, Dennis Stanley, J Stone, Matt Sutton, Carmin Vance, Andy Webber, Shyloh Wideman, and Clayton Williams

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