A Preview of Caias Ward’s “Ghostwise”

Tales From the Magician’s Skull’s haunting 11th issue is here!

Tales From the Magician’s Skull continues at the vanguard of the cutting edge of sword-and-sorcery! Now available for purchase in stores and online, the eleventh issue of TFTMS brings you all new stories with an old school feel! From regular favorites to new talents, from worlds of adventure and horror and strange speculation, from art and design that harkens to the classic Weird Tales aesthetic while showcasing the best in contemporary vision, comes a magazine that is proud to bear the standard of sword-and-sorcery into the future — Tales From the Magician’s Skull!

We will be sharing samples of Issue eleven’s original fiction over the coming weeks!

A Preview of Caias Ward’s “Ghostwise”

The Wall Between Worlds is thin for those with the gift to see, but when the sins of a King haunt the every waking moment of his daughter, only Obba Babatunde can teach her to control the powerful forces that must be contended with by those that are “Ghostwise.”

Tom Galambos’s art captures the conflict between lingering spirit and ghostly blade, in an all-new sample from our current issue.

Be sure to grab the next exciting issue of Tales From the Magician’s Skull today!

Be sure to check out Tales From the Magician’s Skull Issue #11 for more tremendous sword-and-sorcery fiction!

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