Xcrawl: Louisiana Rising (DCC) – PDF


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Louisiana Crawl is a special charity module, and all proceeds from this adventure will be split between Second Harvest Food Bank and Zeus’ Rescues, who are doing phenomenal work with feeding displaced persons and animal rescue in the flooded areas of Louisiana.

A level 3 DCC RPG adventure

The Gulf area of the North American Empire has always been subject to tropical storms and hurricanes. On rare occasions the area is even hit by naturally occurring weather infused with arcane energy. It was just so in mid August of 2016 when a huge rainstorm settled over the middle part of the Duchy. Green and black lightning bolts crackling with eldritch energy, the booming harmonics of magical thunder, and incessant rain were constant for the next five days. The flooding was vast in scope and several entire towns and cities were completely submerged, as were most of the roads between them.

Xcrawl athletes and fans alike wanted to help. Duke Edward Bell of Baton Rouge authorized a charity Xcrawl event to help fund relief efforts, signing off on the edict from a skiff near the flooded Ducal Palace. Conveniently, his niece Annabel was an up and coming Xcrawl judge, and was more than willing to help out family!

This is a level 3 adventure that can be played with only the core DCC RPG book!


  • Nerd Trek“Written by Brendan LaSalle and George “Loki” Williams, this charity module was a blast to run. Beyond the cool idea of a charity product that you purchase depicting a charity Xcrawl, it is a fast-paced, versatile scenario.”

Rules Set: DCC RPG

Writers: Brendan LaSalle and George “Loki” Williams
Contributing Artists: Ivy Fowler, Doug Kovacs, Brad McDevitt, Gillian Pearce, Stefan Poag, and Emily Vitori