Xcrawl: Coney Island Crawl (3E) – PDF


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An Adventure for Character Levels 11-13

Remember the good old days, when orcs were just orcs, dungeons were just dungeons, and bone-sucking pit slime did 1d6 damage, just like everything else in your campaign world? Well those days are good and gone, sucker. Xcrawl is a world of sell-out superstar adventurers, corporate-sponsored action and live-on-pay-per-view mayhem. Enter at your own risk because if you die… YOU DIE!

This insane dungeon crawl is the work of the legendary DJ Faces, a judge famous for being sociopathic, vain, domineering, angry and just plain twisted. After being banned from Xcrawl due to a bizarre revenge plot, DJ Faces is back, determined to restore his status by wowing fans everywhere with a spectacular dungeon that presents an exciting but fair challenge to the players. However, Faces is still Faces, and sometimes the rage takes over. This challenging adventure will test even the bravest crawlers as they try to survive the Roller Coaster of Doom and other legendary menaces!

Rules Set: d20 v3.5.


  • Nominee, Best Adventure, 2007 Gen Con ENnie Awards

Published in cooperation with Pandahead Publishing.

Writer: Duane Waldrop and Brendan J. LaSalle
Cover Artist: Jeremy Mohler
Interior Artist: Brad McDevitt