World Championship Dodge Ball

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Dodge ball was the world’s most popular sport from 1969 to 1979, ahead of both baseball and soccer. Sadly, the sport could not maintain its popularity. By 1981, the International Federation of Dodge Ball closed its doors for good. But in back alleys and third-world arenas, dodge ball still thrives. The former leaders of the IFDB went underground, organizing secret dodge clubs in major cities throughout the world. Gone are the elbow and knee pads — and there certainly aren’t any helmets! The black-market dodge clubs are where the real fans gather for a serious, bloodthirsty sport. Walk in and smell the sweat… see the bloodstains… and prepare yourself for afros, wide lapels, and bell bottoms. On the underground, nothing’s changed since 1981.

It’s that time of the year again: the best teams have made the playoffs, and the World Championship is about to start. The top players have come from around the world: Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Lima, Sao Paulo, Amsterdam, Tokyo, and Phuket all have ballers in town. Though gone to the public, dodge ball is certainly not forgotten. It’s time for World Championship Dodge Ball! Screw fame and fortune – you’re here for BLOOD! Put on your shorts, inflate the balls, and remember: HELMETS ARE FOR WIMPS!


  • Rapid-fire dodge ball action for 2-4 players in 10-15 minute games
  • Hilarious card assortment based on dodge ball’s heyday in the 1970s
  • Deck-building strategy based on assembling a team of top dodge ball competitors
  • Once play begins, it’s a game of speed and skill where you try to counter your opponent’s throws while simultaneously making your own


Game Designer: Richard Iorio II
Illustrator: Brad McDevitt

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