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A level 0-1 adventure for DCC RPG.

A blood-curdling scream rings out, traveling in the autumn air. A door slams. The sound of something breaking branches tears through the brush and is followed by several sharp, unnatural barks. Then, near silence as the wind kicks up. The only thing heard for the next few moments is the rustling of the wind and blowing leaves.

Wide-Eyed Terror is a compact DCC RPG-compatible roadside encounter for 12-16 0-level characters or 5-6 level-1 characters. It details 13 individual areas, but plays as a tense, fast-paced encounter with multiple moving parts as the party inevitably splits up.

The estimated time to play this adventure is 1.5-2 hours.

Published by: Breaker Press Games

Written by: Nick Baran
Interior Art: Jamie Jordan and Nick Baran

softcover + PDF format

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