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The Umerican Survival Guide, "Chase" hardcover - Print + PDF

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Crawling Under a Broken Moon Complilation - Hardcover Edition + PDF


A Gonzo Post-Apocalyptic Campaign Sourcebook with a weird Psionic system, new classes, new magic, and new tech!

Are the twisted wilds and wastes of Umerica not weird enough for you?

This tome has everything you need to spice up your gonzo post-apocalyptic campaign!

  • A complete psionic system with seven disciplines of mental mayhem to massacre mutant monsters with.
  • 18 new Wizard and Cleric spells, levels 1-5, capable of wrecking the most carefully planned out plots and perilous encounters.
  • Five new character classes: Wasteland Psion, Psi Mutant, Psylatan, Beastkin, and Shifter.
  • The Cache of Astonishing Salvage containing wasteland treasures ranging from favorite forgotten foodstuffs to new Graytech, plus the ever popular alien raygun generator tables.

No Umerica campaign is truly complete without the weirdness contained within these pages!

This product is compatible with the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role-Playing Game

This is a supplement for The Umerican Survival Guide, which is available in two different styles of cover, Chase and Delve.

SOFS_LogoPublished by: Shield of Faith Studios

Written by: Forrest Aguirre and Reid San Filippo
Art by: Diogo Nogueira, Karim Gouyette, Matt Hildebrand, Nate Marcel, and Todd McGowan

Hardcover + PDF

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