Theater of the Hammed


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“Beware the power of Ruzzick–Tol,

Conqueror of Nature and Death.

Time defeated rewinds the soul,

Renewing one last breath.”

The people of Minstrel need your help! A divine ritual meant to heal our sleepless king has gone abominably, giving birth to blood-thirsty creatures from the pages of fable! Now we are trapped between both the Western raiders which rule our port, and the nightmarish demons which hold our once great amphitheater. Scattered within the theater are the cursed fable’s pages, which we need to complete the ritual! Where could such a group of adventurers be found, who would dare face creatures and beasts so vile as to even hurl the imaginative minds of a theater audience into abject terror!

Over the course of the adventure, PCs will collect the scattered pages of an enchanted bedtime tale to decipher the weaknesses of their fabled opponents. While exploring the theater, characters will potentially fall deeper under its curse – bolstering both their own strength and their enemies!


  • A 40 page adventure containing an 8-page, fully illustrated fairy tale player handout!
  • Approx. 6 hours of gametime for 3rd and 4th-Level characters!
  • A new game mechanic for use in DCC RPG – the Misbelief Rating!
  • And… Melodalia’s Medallion of Misbelief!  A create-your-own handout for the judge to craft his own Misbelief Rating tracker!

Order-of-the-Quill-logoPublished by: Order of the Quill

Written by: Clint Bohaty
Art by:Jack Kotz
Additional contributors: Julian Bernick

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