The Temple of the Hamster


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Temple of the Hamster! Because nothing says adventure like an entire temple filled with deadly hamsters.

The town of Kamis lies in a panic. Townsfolk are missing and city watchmen lie dead; their sides split open from being over stuffed with grain. A stalwart cadre of adventurers must explore the town of Kamis and uncover the terrible mysteries of The Temple of the Hamster. These adventurers must brave terrible traps and minions before facing the dread peril at the heart of the temple.

The Temple of the Hamster is packed with hamster-style adventure and has been redesigned to have 100% more hamster wheels and mayhem. This level 3 adventure is 40 pages of absurdity guaranteed to entertain even the stoutest hamster hating heart.

Also be sure to look for more forthcoming adventures from Vance Games. Mother’s Maze and Arawn’s Challenge are coming soon!

Published by: Vance Games

Written by: Daniel Vance
Art by: Carmin Vance, Kevin Vecchi and Daniel Vance