The Swamp Daughters of Marshsund


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The people of Marshsund have allied with strange powers, but for almost a hundred years nobody bothered investigating. Now the daughter of a powerful lord has gone missing in the Dystermarsh, and he is looking to you for help. Can your players unravel the mystery of the Swamp Daughters and find a solution in time?

This adventure was made for use with the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game and requires the rulebook to play. For use with characters of level 3 or higher.


  • A dungeon map by Dyson Logos.
  • A hex crawl map of the southern Dystermarsh, two more for easier use in the digital edition.
  • Encounter tables for the surrounding regions.
  • Several factions the players can interact with.
  • A full chapter on the town of Marshsund and NPCs to interact with there.
  • Several new monsters.
  • Additional rules for outdoor survival.
  • Lots of OGL content for reuse in your own works.

Published by: Mount Parnassus Games

Written by: Oliver Korpilla, Mattia Giardini
Art by: Bernd Jans, Dyson Logos
This product contains art from the public domain.