The Revelation of Mulmo: Tentacled Edition


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Death comes to us all….But what price are you willing to pay to bring back one you have lost?

The Revelation of Mulmo: Tentacled Edition by Daniel J. Bishop with illustrations by David W. Fisher. At 72 pages, the Tentacled Edition delivers two full patron write ups, including a new patron, Gloriana, and the tentacled one himself: Mulmo. Over 70 pages of RPG goodness.

This module describes a fallen elf hill, with descriptions of 60 locations, additional patron information, and FOUR new spells. It makes use of patron information from the DCC RPG Rulebook and Angels, Daemons, & Beings Between: Extended, Otherworldly Edition by Shinobi 27 Games. If you are wondering how to make patrons more active in your campaign, this is the adventure for you!

Published by: Shinobi 27 Games

Written by: Daniel J. Bishop
Art by: David W. Fisher
Additional Contributors: Tim Hartin of Paratime Design

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