The Phlogiston Books Vol. I


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A compilation of arcane material for the DCC RPG — This time: rural fantasy

What you hold in your hands, bold reader, is the first issue of The Phlogiston Books, an anthology of game aids, house rules, and adventures for the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG, gleaned from the various planes of the multiverse.

Some of the articles in this volume deal with one of the most dangerous environments that a party of daring adventurers can face: the countryside. We thus vindicate this setting, its dwellers, and its huge potential in a new and exciting genre that we’ve dubbed as “Rural fantasy”.

In these esoteric pages you’ll find:

  • A new patron, The Gallows tree, to whom the wizards and elves of humble origins can sell their souls in exchange of scraps of power.
  • How to bring superstition to your game table… and make it work.
  • Rules to create animals like wolves, tigers, bears, and even more bloodthirsty and raging beasts like goats or geese.
  • A table of disturbing rural encounters.
  • A level-0 adventure set in the most noble hamlet of Humiliatown: Beaten Copper.

So sharpen your sword and memorize your spells, ’cause otherwise you could end up dead, or even worse: hanging from the gallows tree.

headerPublished by: Other Selves

Written by: Gabriel Garcia-Soto, Jose Manuel Sanchez Garcia, Gabriel Cipres, Nacho Sevilla, Chris Fazio, Sergio Martinez, and Rodrigo Garcia Carmona
Art by: Manu Saez and Valenti Ponsa
Additional contributions by: Diego Menendez

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