The King’s Bargain – PDF


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A journey to the world of the fey, deals with faeries – it’s the stuff legends are made of.

This role-play heavy adventure spans a journey to the world of the fey and back, betrayal by an evil king, deals with faeries, tragic tales of love and loss, of darkness and justice.

In part 1, Terms of the Deal,  the PCs unexpectedly find themselves in the mystical land of Elphyne, the home realm of the fey. They must navigate its dangers, determine why they are there, how it came to be and what they can do about it.

In part 2, A Deal Undone, the PCs must work with the ever-dangerous dark fey to undo the deal which brought them to this strange world and then make an ally who can return them to their home. These adventures are set in the Isles of the Celts campaign setting, which is a subset of the Pax Lexque campaign world.

Published by: Raorgen Games

Written by: Ed Stanek
Art by: Aaron Walker