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Stickers to populate hex maps, and calendars. Tables to create places and the creatures that haunt them.

The Hexanomicon is a setting generator using stickers of hex map landscape elements, sheets on which to place them and tables to determine the contents of hexes. Specific destinations are left to the judge. I dot my map with published adventure modules and a few NPC homes.

The party may learn that there is a Wizard’s tower a few days journey away. Their journey should not be trivial, use the hex name generator to create The Glittering Bogs of Ada’akka. The bogs will contain beasts so Jumping Gore Beetles are created from a table that combines stats for jumping, gore, and beetles. Write down the hex contents on the Judge’s Map and mark the event on the calendar. Includes Hex generator, Beastomatic, Run/Rescue for when Crom is too mean, and rules for ley lines and a Divination spell to find them.

Map, calendar, and sticker sheets are also available as a free download to print more.


  • Zine printed on heavyweight paper
  • Map stickers 1
  • Map stickers 2
  • Luck token stickers
  • Groovy sticker (designs vary)
  • Players map (hex area)
  • Judge’s map (hex area)
  • World map (to organize area maps)
  • Year calendar
  • Month calendar
  • Blank sticker (print your own locations)

Published by: Zarielkuri

Created by: Ariel Churi


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