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The God-Seed Awakens – Print + PDF


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A Pulp Weird Underworld Crawl for 2nd-3rd Level Characters

From beyond our dimension, a living seed has festered here for an eon. Within it lurks the nascent form of Akavala, the Ravenous Tree, dread ruler of a shattered world and its carefully gathered and subjugated protectors. Two of these powerful creatures escaped into the underworld drawing champions and enemies from the complex societies found there. As the god-seed grows, the world creeps closer to its doom.

Includes: Full adventure, a new patron, new spells, new magic items, the Living Weapons of the Empire of the Thal, and many many new monsters. 

mystic-logoPublished by: Mystic Bull Games

Written by: Paul Wolfe
Art by: Doug Kovacs, David Fisher, Jason Sholtis, Mario Torres Jr, Kristian Richards


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