The Ghoul Prince


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An exciting adventure for 2nd level characters that can inserted into any location or campaign.

Behold the gripping terror of THE GHOUL PRINCE, bargain your very skeleton to the unsettling BONE LADY, and claim the powers of the mysterious DEMON IDOL.

This adventure has been specifically written to be able to easily slot into any campaign world with a minimum of effort with its “Adventure Convertotron” system. Either use one of the pre-made templates or fill out one that is unique to your campaign setting and the adventure does the rest.

This adventure contains unique monsters, artifacts, treasures and the new patron “The Bone Lady”.

DIY RPG Productions is happy to bring you a fantastic adventure from the brilliant mind of Zzarchov Kowolski, author of Scenic Dunnsmouth, The Gem Prison of Zardox and The Price of Evil! Art and layout done by the talented Alex Mayo.

Published by: DIY RPG Productions

Written by: Zzarchov Kowolski
Art by: Alex Mayo