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An Alphabetical Assortment of 26 NEW Character Classes for the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG!

The Class Alphabet for DCC RPG introduces 26 NEW classes to your game. Each is fully playable from level 1 to 10, and there’s a class for every letter of the alphabet!

Within this 124-page softcover book, you will find a mythic proportion of options for any variety of game settings or playstyle. Every class has been lovingly handcrafted and lavishly illustrated by a team of gong farming gamers from every corner of the globe.

These classes will not only elevate your game to new heights of gonzo-infused frenzy but will also inspire a multitude of ideas to help judges and players develop their own unique content. Apes, robotic bards, quantum vagrants, shadow manipulators, monster trainers, puppet masters, ogres, dinosaurs, hellbound warriors, tenacious d-fenders, and gangs of goblins are JUST A FEW of the madcap character classes you’ll discover inside. All completely illustrated with accompanying spells, crit tables, powers, and other bizarre tables of options.

This project was a community effort beginning over four years ago and was made possible by numerous contributions from dozens of creators and artists from the fondly remembered Google+ platform.

Published by: Dungeon Remixer

Written by: David Coppoletti and others
Art by: David Coppoletti and others
Additional Contributors: Jon Wilson, David Baity, Danny Prescott, James V. West, Stephen Murrish, Anne Hunter, Victor Garrison, Jarrett Crader, Julian Bernick, R.S. Tilton, Wayne Snyder, Claytonian, Geneva Perez, Davey Parrott, Jane Elisabeth Thomas, Karl Stjernberg, David Lewis Johnson, KJ O’Brien, Annakin Kalton, Chris Zank, Daniel J. Bishop, Rick Hull, Diogo Nogueira, Noah Stevens, Jose Seldana, Jeff Goad, Reid San Filippo, Justin Isaac, Forrest Aguirre, Terra Fox, Anna Costa, and Rick Kammer

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