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Players have one day to destroy a reborn vampire in this DCC funnel adventure.

Centuries after her supposed demise, Countess Mekula returns for retribution upon the mortal world! Can a band of simple yet stalwart villagers stop her before the next setting sun? A thriller four hundred years in the making, this is a DCC funnel adventure loaded with traps, puzzles, ghoulish hordes, and a climactic battle with a vampire.

This adventure has been stalking the Goodman Games online convention scene since Cyclops Con in 2020. It has been heavily play-tested and has been favorably received by a wide variety of gamers! It was designed to be concluded in one four-hour game session. Destroy Mekula…OR DIE.

Published by: AC11 RPG Studio

Written by: LJ LaLonde
Art by: Becky Munich, Carmin Vance, Diogo Nogeuira, AE Sayers, and Karim Glue
Additional Contributors: Marcie Riebe

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