Strange Tales, June 1932 issue (vol. 2, No. 2)


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This is an exact reproduction of the June 1932 edition of Strange Tales of Mystery and Terror. Strange Tales is one of the great pulp magazines from the turn of the century. Each issue contained a half-dozen or more stories, many of which are now still in print.

This reproduction is a high-quality scan of the original issue. It is perfect bound and slightly larger than digest size, just as the original publication.

The June 1932 issue features frightening cover art by H. W. Wesso illustrating “Stragella.” It features these stories:

  • People of the Dark, by Robert E. Howard (in its original published form)
  • The Nameless Offspring, by Clark Ashton Smith
  • The House in the Magnolias, by August W. Derleth and Mark Schorer
  • Dread Circle, by Paul Ernst
  • Plus additional stories by Marion Brandon, Aubrey Feist, and others.

144 pages, 7″ x 10″