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The inaugural issue of the RPG zine Silver Swords from Stronghold Press Games!

With articles from a dozen different authors offering advice on how to play and enjoy roleplaying games, this 40-page zine is packed with useful and helpful knowledge that will improve your experience for the better!

Rules Set: System Neutral

Writer: William Cord
Artwork: Ariana van Scherrenburg, Windfall Designs, Nikola Avramovic, Joyce Maureira, Luigi Castellani, David Lewis Johnson, Tan Ho Sim, J.M. Woiak and Heather Shinn of the STINKYGOBLIN, and Justin Halliday
Additional Contributors: Monsieur le Battlier, Luther Gutekunst, Nicolas Whelan, Eric Steep, Jon Spencer, Jacob Bush, Olle Skogren, Larry Hamilton, Jake Butcher, and Olobosk

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