SH1: The Dweller in Dreams


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An adventurer is dragged under the bed…

Children’s rhymes, notes from beyond, mysteries and madness are waiting for you in the tiny hamlet of Ravenhollow, where a group of souls have been taken through time and space and left in the bodies of children, to face the peril of the Dweller in Dreams, a demon threatening the realms of all who would foolishly summon it. Dare you try to survive terrifying town, fearsome forest, and harrowing haunted house to defeat the demon Dweller and return to reality?

Then get hold of a copy of Scott Hill’s The Dweller in Dreams published by Purple Duck Games! This Dungeon Crawl Classics compatible adventure is a 0-level funnel for 12-16 beginning would-be characters, and contains all that you need to play. Full-color maps and innovative art, detailed area descriptions for player characters to explore, and a full appendix on a terrifying new Patron for players to ally with—the diabolical Dweller in Dreams!

So if you want to thin the herd and explore the dimension of children’s nightmares, then get SH 1: The Dweller in Dreams from the phantasmal phobics at Purple Duck Games—where our games are what you want!

A Dungeon Crawl Classics 0-level adventure funnel.

purple-duck-logoPublished by: Purple Duck Games
Written By:
Scott Hill and Daniel J. Bishop
Art by: Brett Neufeld and Matt Morrow

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