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A level 0 adventure for DCC RPG.

The town of Stennard finds itself in desperate need. The crops have failed and famine is imminent. In a bold effort to save the town, the constable sends their best hunters in search of game, treading into the forbidden lands to the west. When the hunters fail to return, a final call goes out, “will someone please help us?” but only your unseemly mob of cutthroats and fortune-seekers are willing to take on the task. Are you a part of the cure to the encroaching corruption or just another symptom of it?

The Precipice of Corruption is an adventure module designed for 12-16 0-level characters. This adventure includes 7 detailed NPCs, 4 new monsters, 20 rumors, and more than 13 encounters, mixing wilderness and dungeon exploration. The adventure ends with 6 possible adventure hooks for expanding the story into a larger campaign.

Published by: Breaker Press Games

Written by: Nick Baran
Cover Art: Matt Stikker
Interior Art: Mike Tommyrot, Richard “Nerdgore” Sampson, Jamie Jordan, and Sam Alcarez
Cartography: Nick Baran
Editing: Alex Lupella
Layout and Design: Hal Crossno

softcover format

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