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A level 0 adventure for DCC RPG.

The town of Stennard finds itself in desperate need. The crops have failed and famine is imminent. In a bold effort to save the town, the constable sends their best hunters in search of game, treading into the forbidden lands to the west. When the hunters fail to return, a final call goes out, “will someone please help us?” but only your unseemly mob of cutthroats and fortune-seekers are willing to take on the task. Are you a part of the cure to the encroaching corruption or just another symptom of it?

The Precipice of Corruption is an adventure module designed for 12-16 0-level characters. This adventure includes 7 detailed NPCs, 4 new monsters, 20 rumors, and more than 13 encounters, mixing wilderness and dungeon exploration. The adventure ends with 6 possible adventure hooks for expanding the story into a larger campaign.

This revised 2nd printing expands the details of each of the NPCs, adding Friendships and Affiliations, Suspicions and Enmities, and Family. These can deepen the NPCs in campaign play, particularly when used with The Stennard Courier Vol. 1.

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Published by: Breaker Press Games

Written by: Nick Baran
Cover Art: Matt Stikker
Interior Art: Mike Tommyrot, Richard “Nerdgore” Sampson, Jamie Jordan, and Sam Alcarez
Cartography: Nick Baran
Editing: Alex Lupella
Layout and Design: Hal Crossno

softcover + PDF format

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