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This issue of Phantasmagoria introduces rules for spaceship combat and maneuvers, 1d30 artifacts, and lots of new random tables.

Expanding upon the base built in the first issue, this issue contains more rules and random tables for your game, including spaceship combat, 1d30 powerful artifacts that your group might find, varied prosthetics, and a system to generate new planets, solar systems, and enemies. This issue will definitely make the life of any Phantasmagoria Judge much easier, while also offering players some more content to play with.

This issue features cover art by Sam Mameli and interior art by Penny Melgarejo, Jim Magnusson, Diogo Nogueira, Bradley K McDevitt, and Shaky Kane. It was edited by Tyler Crumrine and the layout is by Glynn Seal.

A staple-bound booklet with 36 black and white pages of content.

Publisher: Apollyon Press

Written by: Chance Phillips
Art by: Sam Mameli, Shaky Kane, Bradley K. McDevitt, Penny Melgarejo, Diogo Nogueira, and Jim Magnusson
Cover by: Sam Mameli
Additional contributors: Glynn Seal and Tyler Crumrine

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