Phantasmagoria #1 – B&W Edition


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Phantasmagoria #1 - Matthew Adams Cover

Phantasmagoria #2

Mangrels Ate My Servants!! - Phantasmagoria #3 - Print + PDF

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An affordable introduction to the Phantasmagoria line of zines!

Five new classes, new equipment, and new 0-level occupations to take your DCC game into space.

Explore the ruins of lost alien civilizations, or sail through space in a massive freighter, weighed down with all manners of gold, jewels, and relics. Play as a Jovian, a lithe yet strong alien native to a gas giant, a Captain, a brilliant tactician and duelist, or a Gremlin, an alien skilled with magic and technology. Build any type of ship from a tiny fighter to a massive dreadnaught, bristling with cannons. This issue of Phantasmagoria introduces five new classes, new pieces of equipment and 0-level occupations, and rules for creating custom spaceships.

A staple-bound booklet with black and white cover and content.

Publisher: Apollyon Press

Written by: Chance Phillips
Art by: Luka Rejec, Jim Magnusson, Stefan Poag, Jeremy Hart, and Penny Melgarejo
Cover by: Luka Rejec
Additional contributors: Glynn Seal and Jarrett Crader

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