Outlive, Outsmart, Outkill!


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Nowhere City Nights

Shade Hunter: A 2nd Level Adventure for Nowhere City Nights


Sadism, betrayl and non-stop action in reality tv gone mad!  A funnel adventure for Nowhere City Nights.

Outlive, Outsmart, Outkill! is a mad parody of today’s cynical reality TV world.  You want sadism, isolation and high stakes betrayal?  In Nowhere City, you can take it all the way.  The elite sorcerers of Scutigera have abducted a random assortment of civilians and forced them to compete in this lethal contest… while they watch.  There’s no fame and money at stake and there’s no second place.   In this contest, the winner gets to join the Sorcerer Cult — and everyone else DIES!’

Order-of-the-Quill-logoPublished by: Order of the Quill

Written by: Julian Bernick
Art by: Spencer Amundsen, Jack Kotz
Additional Contributors: Clint Bohaty

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