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Suit up, Marine.  These bugs ain’t gonna kill themselves!

“For the everlasting glory of the infantry.”

Frank Loesser, The Ballad of Rodger Young

Play as a Combat Medic, Engineer, Grunt, Pilot or Robot as you travel from galaxy to galaxy ridding the universe of the “bugs”.  Also included are rules for Cybernetics, Pressure & Shell Shock and Random Bug Generation, Armor, Items, Ranged and Melee Weapons, Boss Monsters and more! 

Created and Written by Eric Bloat (Dark Places & Demogorgons, Vigilante City and The Blackest of Deaths, True Vigilante).

Publisher: Gunzo! by Bloat Games

Written by: Eric Bloat
Art by: Aaron Lee, Grzegorz Pedrvcz, JEShields, Joyce Maureira, Mark Wester, Phil Stone, and Tan Ho Sim
Additional Contributors:
James M. Spahn (Additional Writing), Kristen Bloat (Editing)


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