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Black Sun Deathcrawl

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NULL SINGULARITY is a DCC -compatible, existential, space-horror-and-survival one-shot.  — “The Null Singularity manifested in the In-between – light-sucking anti-matter. Life fled The Singularity flinging itself into The Void. Humans became Voidants. But really, you’re just a spare part – like a PortZeal or a PulzValve, only organic. Mostly you’re in SomniStays-Iz. The rare times you’ve been task-assigned a VoidWalk are the times you’ve felt alive. Today is one of those rare times, but… Your VoidArk is experiencing catastrophic planet fall!” — In NULL SINGULARITY PCs are crew on a primitive colony ship playing a doomed game of hide-and-seek with the dark, cosmological agent of the universe’s destruction. Inspired by James MacGeorge’s brilliant BLACK SUN DEATHCRAWL, NULL SINGULARITY vectors off of BSDC’s themes of hopelessness and loss of humanity to explore fear and the survival instinct in an utterly hostile, alien environment. NULL SINGULARITY plays in about 4 hours, including character creation, making it an excellent choice for periodic gaming groups and convention events. Creator Steve Bean’s DCC RPG author credits include the modules Trials of the Toy Makers and The Rat King’s River of Death and contributions to the Monster Alphabet and 50 Fantastic Functions for the D50 supplements.

cropped-sbheaderPublisher: Steve Bean Games

Written by: Steve Bean

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