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Morningstar – PDF


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Semi-finalist in the Wizards of the Coast Setting Search

At Stake…

Two worlds of great natural beauty locked in a struggle that threatens to destroy them both. Thraxis and Arril: blue sisters sharing an orbit, with continents, seas, and life.

A world in the midst of an Age of Majesty many believe will never end: nine diverse Empires at the peak of magical and cultural achievement. A world that has never known an Age of Darkness, where men and women push themselves daily to greater heights. It is an age of innocence and hope, when possibility knows no bounds.

Elder races untouched by the decay of time, great monuments to man’s resourcefulness and his hubris. Mystic power waiting to be claimed, and a destiny still in the making. Dragons ruling an empire, a land that can forge gods.

The Threat…

The Canticle of the Morning Star: an inscrutable living Prophecy that is either a warning or a malevolent force leading mankind towards annihilation.

The world has become a beacon to those who wish to subvert, destroy or command, and they are flocking here, bringing their alien wars in a bid that will alter the course of history and the nature of reality. Celestials, demons, devils, gods, and a sophisticated race called The Strangers compete with men, elves, dwarves, and halflings to recast this idyllic planet in their own images.


This book, which contains:

  • Elder races of an ilk that have been banished from most other worlds: 3 supernatural subraces of dwarf, 5 types of fey elves.
  • Two new core classes: the artificer, commander of elemental spirits called numina which animate devices of his own design, and the Eidolon, champion of the people and a hero to defy legend.
  • Rules for signature and countersignature magics that allow GMs and resourceful players to forge their own places of power. Strengthen yourself while hindering your enemies.
  • A study on the Canticle, its threats, its potential, and tips on how to keep your players guessing.
  • A world made for heroes of every description, where the greatest deeds are yet to be performed.

But everything comes with a price.

This special PDF edition includes the Morningstar core rulebook, as well as four special freebies:

  • “Secret Wars,” an article originally published in EN World Player’s Journal #2, discussing secret cults with an example set in Morningstar.
  • “Piety,” an introductory Morningstar adventure for character levels 1-3, originally published in EN World Player’s Journal #3.
  • “Faith and Lies,” an article on religion that introduces new ways of looking at faith in Morningstar, originally published in EN World Player’s Journal #4.
  • A full-page rendition of the cover art to Whispers of the Prophecy, the “lost Morningstar supplement” that was never published.

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