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Metamorphosis Alpha: The Captain’s Table – PDF


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An all-new adventure for Metamorphosis Alpha, the first sci-fi RPG created by James M. Ward in 1976!

Among the descendants of the original passengers of the Starship Warden, a spiritual belief system has flowered that began as a form of ancestor worship. So when an unexpected holo-egg projects a larger-than-life vision of Captain Jameson – one of the five original captains of the Warden – the rag-tag assemblage of humans and mutants are sent on a mission that’s more than just an adventure or a meal ticket. It’s a holy quest to the bowels of the cargo decks, where the lucky will find ancient technological marvels beyond imagining, and the unwary will find a killing field 34 miles wide.

This adventure module is designed for Metamorphosis Alpha first edition, as originally published in 1976 and re-published by Goodman Games in 2014.

Rules Set: Metamorphosis Alpha 1st edition

Writer: Jim Wampler
Cover artist and cartographer: Doug Kovacs
Interior artists: Jim Holloway
Metamorphosis Alpha created by James M. Ward