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The tiny speck of the first colonization starship moved sluggishly through the cold depths of space. There was much mankind didn’t know about the stars, and one of those mysterious effects slashed into the starship Warden 300 years ago. Now the ship drifted through the darkness, lost and in trouble. While many intelligences move about its decks, none of them work to help the starship find its way.

Generations later, you are a native on the starship Warden. As a true human, mutant, or robot, you fight to survive, unaware that the radiation-saturated world around you is in fact a starship, one of mankind’s greatest achievements. Can you uncover the secrets of the starship Warden and steer it back on course, or will you simply try to live another day?

The very first sci-fi RPG returns in a deluxe oversized hardcover featuring the original 1976 rules plus loads of extras and new material! This is a 136-page compilation of the original 1976 edition of Metamorphosis Alpha, plus the supporting articles from Dragon magazine, introductions by Tim Kask and Jon Peterson, all-new monsters and NPCs by James M. Ward, and new adventure modules by James M. Ward, Michael Curtis, and Jobe Bittman. It features the very first publication ever of Mr. Ward’s original playtest notes for the 1976 edition of the world’s first science fiction RPG!

The Deluxe Collector’s Edition includes:

  • Oversized hardcover printed at 10.5″ x 14″.
  • Easier-to-read enlarged original MA reprinting.
  • 136 pages of content.
  • Jim Ward’s original playtest notes.
  • “Coming of Age” adventure.
  • Expanded encounter tables.
  • Appendix N section.


    • Drink, Spin, Run: This entertaining podcast talks about our new Metamorphosis Alpha release!
    • GeekDad: “I’m so happy to see MA reprinted, and I’m hoping Goodman Games is looking at other early RPGs and considering giving them the same treatment. For now, I’m going to be on the lookout for an opportunity to referee a game of MA… or two. Hopefully more. This game will always have a permanent place in my heart — this is where RPGs began for me. A huge thank you to Jim Ward and Gary Gygax and TSR for creating it… and an equal amount of praise and gratitude to Goodman Games for recognizing this great piece of gaming history, giving it the attention it deserves, and hopefully kickstarting a new wave of Metamorphosis Alpha gaming (and gamers).”
    • Semper Initiativus Unum: “Metamorphosis Alpha is going through the best period of support in its lifetime, thanks to Goodman Games and WardCo.  It’s very different from the D&D experience, but it is really worth giving a try in play. MA is really good for gamers who’ve played a lot of D&D and want the excitement of fresh discovery, really specializing in that aspect of play, and because of how it’s structured it doesn’t require a commitment of months or years to a campaign.”


136 pages, oversized hardcover format, 10.5”x 14” with satin ribbon bookmark

This project was originally launched as Kickstarter. You can read a full description of the project on the Kickstarter page.

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