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Meanderings #3. Featuring more DCC RPG compatible material. Magic weapons, Bioracana grafts, Paperminis, new uses for luck, and The Graft Class.

This digest sized zine features 24 pages of material.

This issue features a review of Mike Evan’s Hubris campaign setting. A Treatise on the tools of the trade for Thieves. New Weapon styles: Cloak & Blade as well as Sword & Scabbard. House rules for Clerics, as well as new uses for Luck, using Luck Defensively. Three new magic weapons to rival Wave, Whelm, and Black Razor. Crowd Surfing, using the senses to bring a city alive.

Finally a new Class for the Bastion setting; The Graft, a weird bio-enhanced warrior for hire; as well as the Umbral Market covering the bio-organic grafts known as bioarcana. The next set of Zeroes to Heroes paperminis bring a new slew of characters, including the gongfarmer.

Be sure to check out Meanderings #1 and Meanderings #2, still available!

And for an overview on the History of DCC Zines be sure to check out this article!

Published by: Epic Meanderings

Written by: R.S.Tilton
Art by: R.S.Tilton and Mario  Torres
Editors: Jeff Scifert and Keith Garrett

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