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Meanderings #2. Featuring DCC RPG compatible material. This digest sized zine features 22 pages of material.

“The Warpwaste stared back as we stood atop the wall. 
The city of Baz’tien, had become Bastion, the last city. 
The Kings are dead, long live the guilds. 
but the legacy of the Warp Wars will outlive us all.”
-Jaren Discaul, Chronicler

Welcome to the second issue of Meanderings. The theme of this issue is Outside the Box.

In this issue, an overview of the soon to be released Mutant Crawl Classics.  Off the Charts expands the Warrior and Dwarves tables beyond seven. The narrative skill system gives the gamemasters and players a tool for telling new tales. Momentum in RPGs brings some new rules for covering the changes in momentum that can occur in combat. Issue #2 marks the beginning of the ongoing Paperminis series with 15 occupational paper minis. No Man’s Land, blocking players with distinctive doors.

Return to the Warpwastes with the Occupations of Bastion, and the new class, The Entombed, the nearly dead entombed within a construct. Grab your weapons and explore the Weapon Style tables for Sword and Shield, twin dagger, twin axe, and the ubiquitous Florentine styles.

The zine is a result of the campaign.

Published by: Epic Meanderings

Written by: R.S.Tilton, Mario  Torres
Art by: R.S.Tilton

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