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Welcome to the inaugural issue of Meanderings. Featuring DCC RPG compatible material. Weapons, Deeds, and introducing a new setting.

This digest sized zine features 22 pages of material. Articles include The Dungeon Crawl Classics Weapons Project, which completes the weapon deed tables for the remaining weapons in the rulebook. Lesser Deeds of Daring introduces trading attack bonuses for deed dice. Lucky Strikes of Derring Do covers burning luck for access to Mighty Deeds. Finally, I introduce the Campaign Setting I’m working on; Bastion, the Last City. Written by R.S. Tilton, All original art by R.S. Tilton and Mario Torres. The zine is a result of the campaign.

Published by: Epic Meanderings

Written by: R.S.Tilton, Mario  Torres
Art by: R.S.Tilton

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