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An Umerican adventure for 3+ level characters. Delve into an ancient military base, home to the fabled “Killer of Giants” 


The protections surrounding an ancient military base, home to the fabled “Killer of Giants,” are down! The denizens of Umerica have flocked to the base to grab what they can and establish dominance over this post-apocalyptic treasure trove. Why let everyone else have all the fun?

Your party of daring adventurers will discover:

  • Dozens of detailed encounters to test (and kill) the most hardy adventurer.
  • Several new creature types, including (but definitely not limited to) the sly Vulpes, scaled Salmen, dreaded Soil Seers, deadly Tri-eye-dra, vicious Skyranha, and the horrifying Shockroach!
  • Tech, tech, and more tech, from Cheesy Whizzer fake cheese spray™ to the Killer of Giants, and just about everything in-between . . . or at least a representative sample.

Killer of Giants is usable in your existing campaign or as the jumping-off point for any number of long-term campaigns. It’s an incubator of ideas for longer story arcs (some assembly required)!

This product is compatible with the Dungeon Crawl Classics Role Playing Game. This is a supplement for The Umerican Survival Guide.

Published by: Shield of Faith Studios

Written by: Forrest Aguirre
Art by: Nate Marcel and Thomas Gile

PDF format