Judges Guild JG2: Citadel of Fire PDF


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An Adventure for Character Levels 12-14 

We, too, share your desire to rid the world of the arrogance of the Pureblood wizards. But you are too late. The wizards have obtained the relic they long have sought. With it they will have power unimaginable to the fools who stride about in the shadow of their tower. We will send aid, but we expect payment. Do not think to challenge us. You know not what you deal with. Our messengers will contact you. Ensure that they are not delayed in their return…

Just outside the rough-hewn timber hamlet of Aztlan lies the ancient and mysterious Citadel of Fire: an embodiment of evil and destruction since its stones were first laid. Inside the town of Aztlan, itself a nest of intrigue and danger, there lies an evil temple dedicated to an ancient god to which the masters of the Citadel pay homage. Together the denizens of the Temple and Citadel have made plans to overthrow their rival powers and subjugate the innocents of the land. Meanwhile, just outside of town, sits a not-so-quiet graveyard with a sinister and deadly secret. Are you brave enough to explore the secrets of Aztlan and put an end to the evil that is The Citadel of Fire?

Concept: Bob Bledsaw and Kara Geilman
Original Design: Marc Summerlott
3.5 Authors and Design: Steve Edwards and Steve Stottrup
Layout: Robert Conley
Managing Editor: Greg Geilman
Maps: Robert Conley
Interior Art: William McAusland
Cover Art: Stefan Poag