Hero’s Handbook: Tiefling – PDF



Tainted by the blood of devils. Reviled by the world. Exiled in their own lands. The path of the tiefling is fraught with danger, deception and ultimately – defeat.

But you know better. Every trial makes you stronger, every challenge leaves you fiercer, and every temptation only brings you closer to victory. Herein, players and DMs alike will find a host of new powers, paths, and magic that will make your character stand above the rest, ready to face whatever horrors the world has in store.

Third in a complete line of PC aids, each Hero’s Handbook brings new character, history and new depth to your player character.

Hero’s Handbook: Tiefling. Embrace the darkness.

Rules Set: 4E (GSL).

Writers: Jeff LaSala and Aeryn “Blackdirge” Rudel
Editor: Ken Hart
Developer: Harley Stroh
Cover art: Jim Pavelec
Graphic Design: Erik Nowak