Ghostlike Crime #01


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An RPG zine bringing cryptid terrors, the paranormal, and magical realism to a modern dystopian setting. Compatible with DCC RPG.

In this issue:

  • 54 pages in a saddle-stitched zine format!
  • Rules for character creation with modern occupations!
  • A new class: The Scrapper!
  • Another new class: The Paratechnologist!
  • A transformation of the Halfling into the Half-Pint, kid adventurer!
  • Weapons, Scrap Artifacts, and Weird Science Devices!
  • Three adventures and a setting outline for a modern dystopia!
  • Cryptids, Monsters, and other bits of weirdness!

Terrible things creep in the shadows and cryptid terrors stalk humanity. The Cabals of the Corporatocracy have hoarded the magic of the world for themselves to inflate their power and control. Catching the ire of the Cabals is an ever-present threat even amongst the immediate dangers of cryptids, ghosts, and dimensional anomalies.

There exist those that will fight these incursions, adventurers who will face the unknown, revolutionaries that will challenge the powers that be – join them now!

The world of Ghostlike Crime is a twilight zone-ish version of our modern existence. It’s a dystopian vision of our current society cranked up to eleven. The insanity of the daily news cycle features an added dose of a myriad of monsters threatening the masses. Judges should feel free to run the game as grim or gonzo as they like.

Publisher: Abiology Games

Written by: Kane Cathain
Art by: Carly Onofrio, Michael Bukowski, and Peet Sketches


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