Free RPG Day 2009 – Amethyst: Hearts of Chaos / Heroes Handbook: Immortal Heroes – PDF


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Flipbook containing two special releases!

Amethyst is an RPG that postulates what would occur if a true-to-book fantasy setting was forced upon our real world. How would humanity truly respond? This is not some stylized, fanciful view of Earth seen in books and on TV. It is a world with all the problems, both social and political, intact. Would we welcome the world of fantasy into our lives or would we fear its very presence?

Amethyst: Hearts of Chaos is a special introductory adventure for Amethyst. It was originally released in stores for Free RPG Day and is now available as a low-priced PDF. In this adventure, the characters are a small cell of a large international mercenary company, the Iron Sons. They have been handed a critical mission: A former Iron Sons colonel, Montgomery Cross, has gone rogue and vanished in the deep wilderness. He has information on cell locations and strengths, but—more importantly—the face of the Iron Sons highest-ranking officer, General Chauk—a man with bounties for his arrest. Chauk believes this colonel to be a severe security risk, regardless of the state of his sanity. The characters are tasked with venturing into a no man’s land where few humans have been, finding this colonel, and killing him.

Heroes Handbook: Immortal Heroes details nine epic destinies that lead down nine paths to immortality; they are individually as unique as snowflakes, yet identical in their ultimate conclusions. These paths may lead a hero to the radiant glory of the celestial realms or to the very depths of Hell itself. Some unlock the lost or hidden potential of a hero’s race, while others reveal the brutal and everlasting truths of martial superiority.

Rules Set: 4E (GSL).

Writers: Chris T. Dias and Conan Veitch; Aeryn Rudel
Cover Art: Nick Greenwood; Ben Wooten, Brad McDevitt