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Access the DCC Core Book content from within Foundry Virtual Tabletop!

Buying this product will give you a license key that you can use to activate the DCC Core Book module inside Foundry Virtual Tabletop. You must already own Foundry Virtual Tabletop for this product to be useful.

Access all of the spells, equipment, critical hit and fumble tables, class descriptions, and rules text from the Dungeon Crawl Classics Core Rulebook from within Foundry! Installing this module automatically wires up tables to the DCC RPG System character sheets within Foundry, so when you roll a crit, you see your result in the chat.

Drag and Drop spells and items onto character sheets, and drag core book monsters right out onto the battlefield, with their tokens pre-configured.

Link to the rules for your character class right from your character sheet! Read spell descriptions and roll spell results from inside Foundry!

NOTE: This product does not contain content from the two modules that are in the core book, only the rules text. Art is also not included, other than as tokens for the core book monsters.

This is the early-access version of this release at a special reduced price. The product will continue to improve over time, and early access buyers will continue to receive all upgrades at the early-access pricing.

The Foundry DCC volunteer team has been working for months on this DCC RPG Core Book integration and looks forward to your feedback on the road to the final release version over the next few months of early access.

The adventures from the DCC RPG Core Book will be available in future modules, complete with maps and tokens!

Find out more about Foundry VTT at, and visit the Goodman Games Discord at to get your questions answered about this exciting new product.


Installing the DCC Core Book module