Forgotten Heroes: Fang, Fist, and Song – PDF



Need to liven up your campaign world? Try an apocalypse: it can do wonders for your game. Forgotten Heroes: Fang, Fist, and Song uses an apocalypse theme to re-introduce four new character classes to your 4E game. The druid, barbarian, monk, and bard all have their place in a cataclysmic destruction of the old world that clears the way for a fresh age of heroes—and they also make for great additions to any existing campaign. This GSL sourcebook provides players with everything they need to play these base classes in their 4E games!

The barbarian is a tough as nails warrior that can take serious punishment while dealing out a respectable amount of carnage himself. The barbarian’s role is the defender, and he excels at intercepting the attacks and movements of his enemies to protect his companions.

Bards are leaders, using music to bolster their comrades with rousing songs and strike down foes with reverberating percussion or the stinging cut of a note sharper than steel. Bards are also a living archive of much that has been forgotten, and can use this esoteric knowledge to point out the weaknesses of their foes through the deft flourish of a rapier.

The druid is a master of primal forces, a controller who taps into the elements to push back the encroaching borders of civilization. Druids are fiercely protective of all that grows wild and free, lashing out with fire, ice, and lightning against all that would defile the sanctity of the natural world.

Monks are potent and versatile warriors, using speed and skill to bring down their foes with strange and exotic weapons or simply the calloused strength of their own fists and feet. The monk’s skill flows from the mastery of mind and body and the careful study of ancient fighting styles and techniques. Monks excel in the role of striker, and can move through melee with startling agility, striking crippling blows from unexpected directions with fluid ease.

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  • Critical Hits: “You have to give credit to Goodman Games for putting out a solid and professional looking product… The book feels very complete, with feats and magic items doing a great job of providing everything you need for the classes therein.”
  • EN World Staff Review: 4 stars. “If you’re looking to pick up some of the 3e slack that 4e skipped out on, Forgotten Heroes offers a good place to start.”
  • Flames Rising: “The book is almost all rules and these are all laid out clearly and precisely… The rules seem to work and seem to have been thoroughly playtested.”

Rules Set: 4E (GSL).

Writers: Tavis Allison, Eytan Bernstein, Brian Cortijo, and Greg Tito
Editor and Developer: Aeryn “Blackdirge” Rudel
Cover Artist: Steve Ellis
Graphic Design and Art Direction: Jim Pinto