Fifth Edition Fantasy #6: Raiders of the Lost Oasis – Print + PDF


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A Level 4 Adventure for 5E

Captured! While trekking across a trackless wasteland, your stalwart band has fallen into the clutches of a nefarious gang of desert raiders. Imprisoned in a subterranean chamber, you are bereft of all of your equipment and magic items, save for a few tattered loincloths. But as chance would have it, an opportunity to escape the cell presents itself. To escape, you must head deeper into an ancient sealed tomb, armed with nothing but your wits and anything you can find along the way. Getting to the surface is just one of many challenges, as you still need to recover your precious equipment, and flee the Lost Oasis, which is surrounded by an inhospitable sea of solid glass!


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Rules Set: 5E

Writer: Chris Doyle
Cover Artist: David Griffith

softcover + PDF format

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