Fifth Edition Fantasy #18: Horror in Blackwood Forest – Print + PDF


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Fifth Edition Fantasy #19: Denizens of the Reed Maze - Print + PDF

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A level 7 adventure for 5E

Situated on the shores of a major trade route is the town of Gullhem, a bastion of law and order in an all-too-often lawless world. Beyond the borders of this walled port town is the vast Blackwood Forest. After a barroom brawl, our heroes are tasked by the Baron of Gullhem to rescue his son, Viktor, who was mysteriously kidnapped from his room overnight, with no sign of intrusion save a mystical pointer directly at the forest.

Now, the heroes find themselves facing the machinations of an evil necromancer, his legions of the undead and fanatical cultists, and a plot to overtake the entire city and spread the influence of the Negative Energy Plane across the entire world…


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Rules Set: 5E

Writer: Jason Vey
Cover Artist: David Griffith

softcover and PDF format

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