Fantastic Adventures of the Disgruntled Gongfarmer


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A third-party compatible DCC adventure module consisting of three connected adventures for characters levels 0 to 1.

Fantastic Adventures and the Disgruntled Gong Farmer is a Dungeon Crawl Classics adventure module comprised of three connected adventures, set in the Villages of the Muir Forest.  Most living here are simple folk, content living their mundane day-to-day lives.  However, there are those who seek to live a life greater than the lives they were destined to live.  This is where the first adventure, the King’s Challenge character funnel, starts. 

The second adventure, Kobold’s Stole My Cat!, begins right after the King’s Challenge.  The characters are newly forged first level adventurers seeking to establish their reputations in the world.  The characters’ next adventure takes them to the village of Greenleaf, where they are tasked with rescuing a cat from a gang of kobolds.  There, the characters encounter unique NPCs, explore underground tunnels and uncover clues to an ancient civilization.

The third adventure, The Gong Farmer’s Revenge, picks up after Kobold’s Stole My Cat!, when the beloved village monster, Oscar, is killed by the Gong Farmer.  Now, the characters are tasked with tracking down the Gong Farmer and bringing him to justice.

Published by: Tasaka Games

Written by: Mark Tasaka
Art by: Mark Tasaka