Etherscope: The Lemurian Candidate – PDF


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ENnie Nominee — Best Adventure

The Lemurian Candidate

When priceless artefacts start to go missing, the heroes are called in to investigate. But what seems like a simple theft quickly spirals out of control, taking them to places — and times — that they never imagined existed. Can they unravel the mystery surrounding the Lemurian Candidate before it is too late, for them, and the world?

The first in a series of officially licensed Etherscope adventure from Steampower Publishing, the Lemurian Candidate is designed for characters of levels 4-6.


  • A complete adventure for levels 4-6, but containing many options for customising the adventure for any level — and style — of play.
  • Background and rules for 13 unique Lemurian artefacts, never before detailed in Etherscope.
  • New setting details, including background for Birmingham, city of a thousand trades, and the New London Museum Quarter, the world’s largest collection of museums, built in the Scope itself.
  • New rules for every game, including equipment for archaeological expeditions, feats for fey seeking to heighten their links to Lemuria and a new value for the ambitious hero.
  • A comprehensive list of contacts, detailing who and what they know relating to the investigation, to make life easier for a busy GM.