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Dungeon Crawl Classics: The Empire of the East – Print + PDF


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DCC Empire of the East #1: The Hunt For The Howling God – Print + PDF

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Officially licensed by the estate of Fred Saberhagen, this hardcover sourcebook offers everything you need to play DCC RPG campaigns in the world of the Empire of the East.

Thousands of years ago, the ashes of nuclear fire changed the world. The weapons of mass destruction ceased to work as the laws of physics altered. In their wake came elementals and demons, creatures from the darkest dreams and nightmares of mankind. Magic returned to the world. Humankind arose from the ashes and rebuilt society, just as the vile Empire of the East wielded the demonic powers of Orcus to sweep across the globe. Now it falls to a small group of resistance fighters to reclaim freedom for humanity!

Inside you will find:

  • Rules for magic tailored to the post-apocalyptic fantasy setting of the Changeling Earth, including new spells and summonings to enrich any DCC campaign
  • Character options for adventuring in this world
  • A discussion of demons, elementals, and monsters, including stats for creatures compatible with any DCC and MCC campaign
  • Lost technology of the Golden Age of Man, and its effect on the Changeling Earth
  • Rules for handling healing in a DCC Empire of the East campaign
  • Details on the city of Erdip, an Empire-occupied settlement teeming with adventure seeds
  • Statistics for all of the major characters from the trilogy, also usable as NPCs in any DCC or MCC campaign
  • Two short low-level adventures to start your campaign
  • A comprehensive random adventure generator system that allows judges to quickly create exciting scenarios, complete with antagonists, goals, treasure, and setbacks, with just a few rolls of the dice
  • this updated and revised second edition includes eight more pages of gaming material, new NPCs, secrets, and more!

Using this sourcebook requires the DCC RPG core rulebook. While this sourcebook contains all you need to play a campaign, Saberhagen’s novels are an invaluable resource in understanding the setting. We highly recommend you also read the Saberhagen Empire of the East series, available as a modern compilation or in the original three individual volumes, titled The Broken LandsThe Black Mountains, and Ardneh’s World (also published as Changeling Earth).

Rules set: DCC RPG

Adapted and Written by: Jason Vey
Additional Writing: Jim Wampler and Harley Stroh
Editor: Rev. Dak J. Ultimak
Additional Editing and Proofreading: Jen Brinkman
Cover Art: Ian Miller
Cartography: William McAusland and Stefan Poag
Interior Art: Chris Arneson, Fred Dailey, Cliff Kurowski, Doug Kovacs, William McAusland, Bradley McDevitt, Ian Miller, Jesse Mohn, Peter Mullen, Russ Nicholson, and Stefan Poag

hardcover + PDF format

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