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A Level 0 Tournament Adventure

Who says you have to be name level to visit another plane? Teams of level-0 PCs will be recruited (kidnapped) by extra-planar forces (Elder Prime Ones) and pitted against each other in a contest (death match) to see which alignment prevails: Law, Chaos, or Neutrality. Your patrons and deities will not only be rooting for you from the cheap seats, they’ll provide each side with artifacts of incredible power. Plus, you’ll also have your level-0 trade goods. Who knows when that chicken or sack of night soil will come in handy?

Tournament Results:

Rules Set: DCC RPG

Writers: Jim Wampler, Stephen Newton, Daniel J. Bishop, Jeffrey Tadlock, Jon Marr, and Bob Brinkman
Cover art: James V. West

24 pages, PDF free with scheduled event